About our motivation

About us

Egobell.com is a website that bring buyers and sellers close together. We are not an online mall. Our major aim is to create awareness about possible sellers, shops, stores etc. with the right goods and services at the right price, and bring you closer to those who live near you to get better bargains than the many online mall around today.

Our mission

We believe that our traditional values and of course healthy practices of leaving our houses, going out to source for our goods and services, while getting good bargains, building relationships and being exercised is being lost gradually. We are leaving a different legacy and almost wasteful one too to our children. It can be very annoying when you find out that what you got from an online mall could have cost 50% less, gotten to you in half the number of days it takes to be delivered or even zero number of days, and was even around your street corner, possibly on your way to work every day. But you didn’t know! Egobell.com is here to bridge that gap! Now you know! .

Our expertise

We are encouraging every Seller and all buyers worldwide to use Egobell.com to collectively make it easier to find whatever we are looking for. Everyone can use Egobell.com. But our Terms and Conditions Apply to align with our company policies and meets statutory requirement of the various countries we operate in. Our mission is to become the first mobile site/App everyone turns to for what they need before considering online malls. How do we hope to achieve that? Through our vision: To make Egobell.com easy and cheap for everyone to use worldwide.